Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Pumpkin Patching // An Autumn Tradition...

It became a yearly tradition a good many years ago now, and its not one I intend on giving up anytime soon...

A little yearly photo shoot in the pumpkin patch...

Always windswept, a rainbow of colours and a snapshot of the daily chaos that is life right now.

But it's glorious chaos. Because although year on year we always seem to have one child who gets the grumps when we do this, its an opportunity to breath in deep, appreciate God's beautiful creation and wonder again at the cycle of seasons and rejoice in a plentiful harvest.

So much gospel imagery in a pumpkin patch!

And this little gang, forever keeping me on my toes... no doubt I'll still be very much on them when we find ourselves back in the pumpkin patch next year, God willing!

Our little autumn tradition!

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