Thursday, 15 April 2021

Dear Elias - you're 4!

Our little Elias,

Not so little anymore! How are you FOUR already? This really blows my mind - that the teeny tiny little bundle that we held in that dark ICU ward with bleeps and beeps sounding all around us has grown into this strong, sociable, charismatic little man! 

You are a mischievous bundle of effervescent energy, talking a mile a minute and literally not sitting still for more than 5 seconds! You're such a friendly little soul, always with a smile, and comfortable in your own skin. You have no qualms about entering unknown situations and you're utterly fearless when it comes to dangerous situations - we like to call you our little thrill seeker!

You are also intensely loyal to your little friends... and we love that.

Elias - we love you! We love your cheeky grin, your crazy made up language with your brother, your DEEP theological prayers which leave us all astonished, your loyalty to your little friends and your optimistic and positive outlook in everything you do! You came into the world in a blaze of glorious drama and energy and you haven't stop since. We are SO grateful to God for how he protected you - for bringing you safely into the world when it was a bit scary at times, and for allowing you, even in your little four years, to declare at every opportunity you can, as your name testifies - "The Lord is God!"

You remain utterly obsessed by Toy Story, and its still the only film you'll sit and watch all the way through (you get the wriggles in every other film!) - you are collecting the Toy Story characters and were thrilled to add Jessie to your collection today! I love seeing your interests develop, and seeing how your likes and dislikes and loves are adapting as you get bigger. You are now a full member of the "lego gang" with your siblings and are forever found creating all sorts of interesting creations - ALWAYS symmetrical. I love seeing your creativity and your love of order and clarity combine - its fascinating!

We love you so much little man - most of all I love your curiosity about life, about God, about people... you fit the four-year-old "question asking" phase perfectly... and we're gearing ourselves up for a year with lots of questions! Bring it on!

Thank you Lord for the gift that is our Elias... we pray he will always seek to know you with the same enthusiasm and joy he does now!

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Li-Li!

Mama and Papa xxx

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