Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Dear Jonas - you're 6!

Happy birthday Jonas!

Six years old! Our little adventurer! The glue to our gang! You are such a joy, Jonas, and despite your relentless winding up of your siblings, you are the one who everyone always goes to for a giggle. We have loved celebrating you today... it literally feels like yesterday that they lifted you out, this giant of a baby, and said "it's a boy!" - in that moment I was thrown into the whirlwind of little boys and its has been a joy to ride the wave with you and your brother!

One of our family traditions that we have developed over the past couple of years has been to share what we love about the birthday child. As we went around the family this morning at breakfast and shared all the things we love about you, Jonas, there were two things that came up on repeat...

Firstly, you are fun. We're never far from a good giggle with you around and you don't take yourself too seriously. Even when you're in a strop about something, it doesn't take much to turn that smile around! You have an infectious laugh, and you know exactly how to make everyone smile... if anyone is ever feeling a bit down, you are the perfect antidote, bringing either that cheeky giggle and a sarcastic remark or some toilet humour to the table. Jonas - we love your friendly, warm and fun nature and we wouldn't change it!

Secondly, you are a loyal friend. You have good little friendships and you look after them. You aren't fickle when it comes to who you spend time with - you make friends and you stick with them. I love that about you. You're an easy playmate - never demanding, always easygoing - but will throw yourself with gusto into the wackiest game ideas! You are always good to play with and you're fiercely protective - especially of your brother. You are allowed to be a little rough with him, but nobody else better or they'll have your wrath to contend with!

I love your hunger for adventure... your love of the outdoors... your little explorer heart which delights in tent-building, wood-whittling and living in the great outdoors. It must be the norskmann in you! I hope you will always keep that love of nature and appreciate what God has made... his world is beautiful, though it is broken.

Our prayer for you on your sixth birthday is this... that you will always take joy in all you do, but that you will find your ultimate joy in the Saviour, Jesus... that you will be a loyal friend to all you meet, but that you will know the truth, deep in your heart, that it is in Jesus you will find the greatest friend you'll ever have... that you will love adventure and exploring, but that your greatest adventure will walking in the Lord's ways and following his plans and purposes for you.

Jonas... we love you so very much. God bless you our boy. And happy birthday.

Mama and Papa x

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