Thursday, 9 June 2011

Summer crafting ideas

At the moment, we're preparing for a summer craft evening at church. A few of us gals will get together with potential projects that we can introduce to the ladies of the neighbourhood.
I'm still in the thinking progress, but here's some ideas I thought might work...

1. Deco-hearts
Always lovely as door-hangers, decorations or simply just because. They are SO easy to make, a one hour project and pretty to display around the house...

2. Cute notice boards
Cheap corkboard from Wilkinsons... simply cover with wadding, lovely material and some ribbon and you have a lovely display board - great as gifts for people, or simply just to spoil yourself!

3. Teddy bears
Stolen from Tilda's "Sew pretty homestyle", these bears are beautiful and cute and I've just made one for the baby when it arrives! Actually a really quick project and very, very cute!

4. Placemats
I made these placemats last Christmas for my parents in law... easy to make, and a lovely gift or family heirloom to handdown - just make sure you use material that is easily washable as you are bound to get your dinner down them!

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