Friday, 14 October 2011

Baby Shower!

Well, we had a tonne of fun at Hanna's baby shower - everyone got involved with decorating vests - dead easy to do and such a great gift for Hanna at the end of the night!!! Plus, I got to keep the fabric pens after, so I might make some cute vests for Ava too! I was so impressed by the level of creativity too - we have some seriously gifted women at church, whose creativity we need to tap into!!!

Hanna got a load of presents for the boy too, so she's all set up now - the countdown begins! She's kitted up with just about everything a new Mama needs. I hope she doesn't have to wait too long - I remember at the end just being so fed up and desperate to meet my Bubba... 9 months feels like such a long time!

All that remains to be seen now is when the little one will arrive, how heavy he'll be and, most excitingly of all, what he'll be called! Suggestions were naturally made - Noah, Elijah and Boris being the favourites... we'll just have to wait and see!

It was strange to be away from my own Bubba for the evening... it was the furthest and longest I've been apart from Ava in 11 months (I was literally only across the road) but felt like I had an arm missing! Strange how these little ones become so much a part of us.

Well, Ava's looking forward to meeting her new friend - come on Baby Borsley!

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