Saturday, 8 October 2011

Revealing room 3... the craft room

Well, this project was tackled at the start of the summer holidays back in July. My wonderfully creative friend Nicole came over from Austria with her kids with the intent to rennovate our workshop at the end of the garden into a multipurpose craft room before the Bubba arrived...

The workshop was lovely (as you can see) a haven for all things small, scuttly or slimy - spiderswebs, dust, dingy brick - NOT the sort of place one wants to hang out, and certainly not a creative inspiration... but ever since I moved into this house I knew it would make the perfect craft room - all I needed was Nicole to come and kickstart the project into action (I was 36 weeks pregnant with Ava at the time, so wasn't exactly in a fit state to be lugging timber around!!!)

We swept out, insulated, bricked up, painted, laid carpet, polished windows, put a new door on, kitted out with IKEA furniture and created a beautiful, creative haven for me to fill with scrapbooking materials, craft books, paint, pens, wool, fabric, creative kits, glue, scissors, buttons, labels, ribbon - you name it, it's there and I LOVE it... This is it before we kitted it out with all my materials...

After 4 days of hard work, Nicole, Dave, Timo, Kaya and I stood back and admired... we filled it up with everything that I had been keeping in boxes dispersed around the house (much to Dave's relief; "We have so much space now!") so we now have lots of freed up storage room in the house as well - bonus!

Now I have a lovely space to be creative!!

Claire x

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