Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Brilliant Bookstart

I love reading... I always have...  some of my earliest memories are reading through classics with my mum in the evenings after my sister had gone to bed - Little Women, Heidi, What Katy Did, Enid Blytons galore. It's a love I want to pass on to my daughter, and already we have been sitting down reading together. She's so taken by bright pictures and will sit for half an hour looking at book after book after book...

Today I took a trip to the local library on the way home from meeting up with the NCT girlies. It was the first time I've been in since Ava was born and they were wonderful. Ava now has her own library card and we signed up to a wonderful program called "Bookstart". Ava received a special "Bookstart" bag with some lovely board books, a nursery rhymes card and some other information inside it. When I told them she was being brought up bilingual, they offered me free board books in Norwegian and German as well. We came home and read through our new books straight away.

I'm so excited to read to my little girly, to meet Mary Poppins, walk through the tree house of Swiss Family Robinson, laugh at Jo March and solve mysteries with the "Five Find-Outers". We may be only on the board books for now, but watch this space!!!

And for those of you who have little ones, ask your local library about Bookstart - pure brilliance!


  1. It's brilliant to pass on a love of books to your children. I'm so pleased all of mine have inherited my love of books and reading rather than my husband's dislike of them!

    1. Ava is one and a half now and a proper little bookworm! Lovely to see how that love has grown! Now instilling it in my second-born!

  2. Totally agree - they're never too young to enjoy books. This brought back some beautiful memories for me, of my Mum reading to us on Sunday afternoons -Little Women and Heidi were among my faves :) Thanks for linking up x

  3. I love reading and I think its super important. Joshua has had his book start pack and it was fab x


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