Thursday, 12 January 2012

Books I'm reading...

Now and then, I like to give a little update on what I'm reading at the mo... I LOVE books, and probably eat my way through a couple of books a week. Someone said the other week they were reading "The Help" as a result of my blog, so I figured, if its helping someone pick a good book and wade through all the rubbish out there, then perhaps I can be of help! Anyway... here's the latest!

Wives and Daughters: Elizabeth Gaskell
I always like to have one classic on the go, and this is one of my faves. Brilliantly written, you can't help loving Molly's frankness and Mrs Gibson's silliness and Lord Hamley's grumpiness! A fantastic storyline with some nice unexpected twists and turns! I loved the book, and quickly followed it up by watching the recent BBC adaptation of it by Andrew Davies (the same guy who wrote the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle!) I have one more episode to watch before its finished!

Songbird Under A German Moon: Tricia Goyer
This was my late night feed book on my Kindle... the book I've been reading to while away that late night feed and stop myself falling asleep. It was a free Kindle book, so I have to admit, I didn't have very high expectations, but I have to admit I was very pleasantly surprised! The story is about a young girl singing to the GIs in post-war occupied Germany and combines romance, thriller and history all-in-one! I really enjoyed it, and would definitely read more books by Goyer in the future!

Worship Matters: Bob Kauflin
I love this book... I know I say that a lot, but let it be testament to this book that I am now reading it for the third time! I don't think there's a better book out there on the theme of worship - what it is, what its about... I am challenged and humbled by this book every time I read it and I think its one of those books I'm just gonna keep reading as long as I'm involved in leading worship in any shape or form!

I'll Be There: Deborah Grace Staley
I'm not usually one for a thriller/action book, and Staley's not usually one to write them, which is perhaps why I picked this one up (another Kindle freebie!) It took a couple of chapters to get into, but once I did, I was hooked! Its all about a girl who finds herself in trouble and is taken into hiding by the American witness protection program until she can testify. Its part of the Angel Ridge Series, but stands alone as well. A good read if you need something not too intense, but still with a bit of grit to it!

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