Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Little girl gifts...

On Monday, Ava went to her little friend Sophie's birthday party... I had no opportunity to get a present for Sophie, but wanted Ava to be able to take something for her little friend, so racked my brains as to what I could conjure up on Sunday evening! A couple of years ago, I made myself a hair-clip holder and suddenly thought, that given little girls tend to collect a lot of little hair clips, I might make one up for Sophie!

I got the idea from my years in Austria, when the little girl I looked after had a beautiful HABA hair clip holder, complete with zip-bag and mirror and gorgeous patchwork material... I wasn't going to attempt something as big as that, but I came up with my own design a couple of years ago after seeing something on another blog, using ribbon. (See here to read more about that!)

VERY easy to make... literally took me 20 minutes! All you need is some cardboard, cute material, ribbon and, most importantly, a glue-gun. This is a totally glued-up, no-sew project!

To start off, I just cut myself 2 bits of card and doubled them up to make it extra sturdy...

I then used my faithful glue-gun to cover the cardboard in some nice material

I attached a bit of ribbon, so it could be hung up later!

I cut the letter 'S' out of some different material to personalise it!

Choose some lovely ribbons and decide how you're going to lay them out. When you attach them, it is vital that you only glue them to the back... they need to remain unattached to the front, so you can slip the hair clips in (see below)

Ava's message which we attached to the back... just so Sophie knows what it is to be used for!

Happy crafting!

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