Thursday, 22 March 2012

Spring days and 40 bags...

So, if I'm honest, I haven't completely stuck to my 40 bags in 40 days schedule, but I think I will just about get everything done before Easter - not long to go!! It's actually been a real blessing... and very rewarding. I've realised how much unnecessary "stuff" we have accumulated in the last 2 years and its been good to go through and assess what's necessary and what's not. I've got a few black sacks out of it and a couple of charity shop sacks too.

Yesterday I attacked the bathroom... I got half a black sack out of my bathroom cabinet alone and threw out so many almost-empty bottles of sun lotion, shampoo and bubble bath... I couldn't quite believe how much stuff had got lost in the depths of that cupboard. I pulled everything out, sorted it, cleaned out the cabinet and put everything back in in an ordered way!

It felt SOOO good!

I stood back and breathed a sigh of satisfaction at my lovely clear, ordered cabinet!


On that note, Spring has finally arrived! I have been loving the gorgeous weather! Ava and I have been making the most of the sunshine and spending every spare minute in the garden! She's sitting now, and its lovely as she's not frustrated any more and can sit and play to her heart's content!

Springtime has also entered the house... I took down all the winter decorations at the weekend and have the Easter decorations ready... but not up yet. It still feels a little early for chicks and rabbits and eggs, so I've gone simple springtime - pink and green and it just makes the place feel so bright and cheery!

 I love the spring time!

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