Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Home days...

We've had a quieter couple of weeks recently, and I'm loving just having some lazy home days with my girly! Lots of playtime, storytime and music, and plenty of opportunities for me to get on with the housework!

 This girl ADORES music! There's nothing that settles her more than listening to Papa play guitar (or attempting to play with him!!)

Bedtime story time! "The Gruffalo" is Ava's current favourite! She's starting to actually appreciate looking at the pictures now, rather than just trying to eat her books, and its nice to see her appreciating certain bits - repetition and animal noises never cease to make her smile! Of course, Maxi (her dog) is always present when a story's being read!

Am I a terrible Mother? When I desperately need to do housework, I plonk her on the floor with her toy box beside her and she spends the next 45 minutes to an hour gradually emptying it and playing with each toy as she goes along. It sounds awful to let your 9 month old play on her lonesome for so long, I mean, I know independent play is good - but is an hour in one go too much?? Seriously though, I cleaned my oven the other day while she was happily playing away!

Stage two of the clean-up... I daren't show you what it looked like before, or after the first round of spray. It's all looking beautiful and shiny now though (and I'm determined not to let it get in that state again!!)

And to finish up, here's my clever girly showing off her party tricks... to Dave's delight, her word of the moment is "Papa!" (sorry its sideways, I can't rotate it without buying some fancy Quicktime software!)

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Jenny flindall22 May 2012 at 23:47

    Love it. No you are not a bad mum. Avia looks sooooo happy playing on her own, make the most of it...


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