Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Ava and the dinosaurs...

At the moment we are enjoying hosting a german exchange teacher from Muenchen. Kathrin has been with us since Friday and we are having lots of fun introducing her to this corner of London! On Saturday, we made the brave move of taking Ava up to London and doing the Natural History Museum.

I have held back from doing this, as I have been of the firm opinion that taking Ava into a crowded museum would be nothing but stressful. Boy, how wrong I was...

Watching the wave machine 
This little girl was MESMERIZED. She waved enthusiastically at every dinosaur we saw, grabbed hold of all the rocks, held on tight on the earthquake simulator, played with the water-mills and loved the creepy crawlies. She literally loved it. I felt totally rebuked! We have such wonderful free resources here in London and I have NOT been making the most of them at all. She was so happy and excited the whole way round, and was clearly having the time of her life!

Distracted by the volcano erupting behind her!

Geologist in the making??

Waving at T-Rex!

Even the train on the way home was quite exciting!

So if anyone's wondering if a ten-month-old is too young to take to the Natural History Museum... the answer is no. They will love it! So grateful for London and its resources - hands-on museums are not a given, but our city is full of them!

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