Wednesday, 18 July 2012

June Reading...

I can't believe its the middle of July, and I'm only posting on my June reading... oops!

In June, I tried to read less fiction and a bit more real-life stuff to balance up my fiction-fest in May! Again, I have read some great books and have lots to recommend!

Mugabe and the White African: Ben Freeth
I did a sneaky review on this one already... an amazingly eye-opening book about the issues facing white farmers in Zimbabwe. Really moving and gave me some background on the new stories that having been popping up on our screens over the past couple of years.

Really highly recommend this book if you're looking for a gripping biography which is excellently written and deals with some real issues at the same time.

Heaven is Here: Stephanie Nielson
You know sometimes you read a book that impacts you in quite a huge way? The kind of book you find yourself thinking about days after you've finished reading it? This is one of those. It has had a huge impact on the way I view life... I have become so much more thankful to God for the small mercies of life since reading this book.

Heaven is Here is Stephanie Nielson's biography. Stephanie is an inspiring mother of 5 who, in 2008, was involved in a horrific plane crash that left her covered in 80% burns. The book talks about her struggle to survive and rebuild her life. SO inspiring, moving and challenging. Stephanie is actually a mormon, but I found that reading her story made me grateful to God for the small mercies that I appreciate every day, but which could, in a moment, be taken away.

This is an absolute, 200%, must-read.

Simplicity Parenting: Kim John Payne
This has been a really interesting read about stripping parenting back to the basics... not cluttering or over-booking or busying up our children's lives, but simplifying their home life so they feel more secure and less stressed. While I think a lot of the book is pretty idealistic, and suggests things that seem a bit too "quick fix" for me, it does have a lot of wisdom about teaching children to love the home, not allowing them to get sucked into the "I'm bored" syndrome, and getting rid of a lot of unnecessary "stuff".
Definitely an interesting read, but one you probably want to sift as you go along...

So there are some of the things I read last month. I'm back to my fiction/non-fiction balance this month and will probably fill you in on my July reading in the next couple of weeks...

Hope you've got some new ideas of good books to read!

Claire x

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