Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Baking delights, gorgeous gift shops and cute cafes...

Catrin's visit has been a whirlwind of activity, with lots of lovely memories as she heads back to Austria this morning... we have had lots of fun catching up with friends, celebrating Ava's dedication, stocking up on baking supplies, visiting gorgeous little gift shops, making marshmallow pops (more on that tomorrow), creating lovely notebooks, late night trips to Tesco, coffees in cafes, shopping for bargains and planning my next Austrian trip...


Here's some pics of all the fun!
Our trip to the local cake decorating shop...
... resulted in all of these goodies (most of which Catrin bought... I'm just starting out on this whole "cake-pop" thing... Catrin's the pro!)
Thanks Julie for the discovery of this GORGEOUS little gift shop that goes on and on and back and back and up and up forever... and is only 25 minutes away (only "ten" minutes in Julie time!!)
Could literally have bought out the entire shop!

And then the funniest part of the day... Mum, Catrin, Ava and I headed into a cute little cafe just a few metres down the road from lovely gift shop mentioned above, and ordered ourselves cappuccinos/orange juice (I'm not a coffee drinker). My daughter decided this was the time to have her first taste of orange juice... and boy did it go down well! Every time she took a sip, the following faces ensued...

Too cute!

That was our fun, fabulous day!


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