Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Daddy-Daughter time...

I've loved having Dave home this summer... and there's one other little girl who has loved it too. Those two have had a whale of a time together, and whenever she's up in the morning, her first word is always "Pa-pa?" It's been wonderful to have another pair of hands around when your navigating morning sickness too...

Yesterday evening, while I was "throwing" dinner together (yes, that is what happens in the summer holidays!), these two were out in the garden and I couldn't resist snapping a few shots of them having fun (this is where I wish I had a decent lens on my camera) - playing ball, tickling, playing in the tent. Just good old-fashioned one-year-old fun!

Having a good old chat!

This was so cute - Dave was rubbing her back... and she started rubbing his!
I also had to include this picture... this was taken a couple of days ago. Ava and I were heading out, and I had just popped out to the drive with her buggy wheels to pack them into the car... when I came back, I found this...

What a cheeky monkey!!!

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