Monday, 27 August 2012

What's in your mouth?

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This past Saturday, Dave headed up to London for the rugby as Ava and I prepared ourselves for a quiet day at home (the first one in about 2 months!) I literally spent the day doing loads of washing, cleaning out the oven, hoovering, cleaning the bathroom, hanging out aforementioned washing etc etc...  I dug out this great sermon on Psalm 113 by Steven Lawson while I was cleaning away, and he opened it up by saying...

"What's in your mouth?"

Weird question... but the essence of what he was saying was that whatever you love most will reveal itself in your speech. What you love you will talk about...

Its so true, isn't it? Its like when teenage girls have a crush on some guy, and they somehow manage to maneuver every conversation to lead to him... its so obvious, despite their intended subtlety... or that guy that can't help talking about his football team, or the new Father who is doting on his newborn. What we love comes out of our mouths... we can't help it... we can't shut up about it! Our thoughts circulate around what we love, and therefore what comes out of our mouths does exactly the same thing!

This summer, I have loved: my daughter, the olympics, my husband, Craig David, good friends, good food, creativity, beautiful views... those things have reflected themselves in what I have been blogging about... I have raved on and on about the things I love.

I felt so convicted.

I have been swept up in the madness that this summer has brought with it, I have hosted guest after guest to the point where I have neglected the head of my own household, my Saviour Jesus. I have sought to celebrate man-made success - whether it be sporting, or musical, or creative, and haven't thanked the giver of those gifts. I have enjoyed life to the point where I have forgotten to thank the life-giver. No wonder I've felt a little lost.

My heavenly Father wants me to enjoy all his good gifts, he delights in seeing me be creative, in appreciating the gifts he has given to others. He WANTS that for me. But unless my appreciation is routed in him, I will find myself swimming round in circles on some endless cycle of lostness.

So I wanted to stop today, and say thank you to the one who has given me so much joy this summer; to thank him for the Olympics and the sporting talent he has created, to thank him for Craig David, and fun weddings and beautiful countries, to thank him for my family; my husband, my daughter, and this new little life that is working away at growing. He is good. He is the provider. He gives me grace and sustenance every single day to enjoy the good things in life and to endure through the hard things. He is the one who gives me hope, every single day, that even if I fail, I have a Saviour who loves me utterly and longs to forgive me when I come back to him. He is such a good giver. How blessed I have been! And even when I have forgotten him, or worse, ignored him... he has continued to bless in abundance - even though I am so very undeserving.

Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord, you his servants.
Let the name of the Lord be praised, both now and forevermore.
From the rising of the sun, to the place where it sets,
the name of the Lord is to be praised.
Psalm 113: 1-3, The Bible.

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