Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Happy Birthday Ava M!

Today is my first birthday at being a mother. In other words, its my little Ava M's 1st birthday and oh how much I love that little bundle of joy, cheekiness and fun!

One year ago, I had been awake 4 hours already, and was breathing my way through mild contractions. At 23:17 my life changed forever and I moved from being young and carefree to being responsible for this little life. So often you hear people worry that having children is so costly, is such a sacrifice - it involves giving up your dreams and becoming this slave to your children's needs. Don't get me wrong - it involves daily sacrifice... I have fallen into bed shattered countless times this past year... but how worth it it is. I would not give up one second with our little girl for all the career success in the world.

Nothing quite prepares you for the moment you become a mother. I was actually pretty prepared for labour. I had a water birth which was so brilliant, and I know I'm so fortunate that that was possible; I had great care from the staff and 3 nights in hospital after Ava was born where I could relax in the knowledge that a midwife was just a buzzer away. But I was utterly unprepared for the overwhelming feelings of love, responsibility and fear that hit me the moment I returned home.

Those first few days were tough - the endless cycle of sleeping and feeding, the lack of sleep, the utter exhaustion from just going through the most physical battering you've ever experienced, the realisation that life will never be the same again... but watching that little one grow from strength to strength, look into your eyes and know you, smile when she sees you, reach her little arms up to you, call out "mama" when she's upset, calm in your arms... those moments make it all worthwhile.

This precious little girl is a gift of God, and I thank him every day that we've been given the joy of bringing her up - yes its challenging, yes it can be draining, yes it can tire me - physically, mentally, emotionally - in a way that teaching never did, but I wouldn't change a single thing about my life as Mama to this little girl.

Happy birthday little Ava M - Mama and Papa love you oh so very much.


  1. Alles Gute zum Gerburtstag kleine Ava! Das Sch√∂nste im Leben sind strahlende Kinderaugen! Wir w√ľnschen Euch einen tollen ersten Geburtstag ! Sarah, Irene und Dieter

  2. Well said sweetheart. x


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