Monday, 13 August 2012

Olympics Party...

This weekend, in celebration of the end of London 2012, we held our own Olympics party. Yummy food (good old weekend dinner - chicken nuggets, chips and baked beans!), games of our own and medals up for grabs.

We started off by getting into the Olympics spirit and decorating the table with Team GB napkins, cups, a lot of red, white and blue, and a big Union Jack... who can spot the sign of our mixed loyalties in this household??!

 After dinner, it was time for our own Olympics... we were psyching ourselves up for the Handball final between Norway and Montenegro, combined with wanting to watch Daley's diving (typical that they were on at exactly the same time - normally I'm a weekend channel hopper... never can find anything good on TV... these past couple of weeks I've been spoilt for choice!)

Everyone got their own "Olympic set" complete with sack, egg, spoon and name tag... would they win any golds??

Let the games commence!

Kicked off with a good old fashioned egg and spoon race... Sarah dropped her egg near the start and had to begin again, while Dave was disqualified for cheating (pushing over other contestants! Shocking behaviour) so Kaya won a gold medal for that one.

Next up was gymnastics - the balance beam, which Dave won after a nail-biting final between him and Kaya!

Good old sack race... Sarah's first gold!

The final race was the "front crawl" and little Miss Ava crossed the finish line to Mama in first place...

... she was very proud of her medal!

Just love this picture... these two were so competitive! You'd think they were the kids! Kaya nailed this one - the hop, skip, jump, sprint medley! She got herself her second gold!

 ... and was a very proud athlete!

To culminate the evening, Norway won the Handball final, claiming a gold, while Daley won a bronze in a nail-biting final!!!

A FAB evening for everyone involved! Family fun that cost not a penny (well, the medals were 99p for a pack of four!!)

Sad to say goodbye to the Olympics though... what a fab couple of weeks its been. Very proud to be British right now.


  1. This is amazing and i think sack racing needs a come back so may have to have ago at this!

    Thanks for linking up with #ActiveFamily :-)

  2. Brilliant! Aaah, the Olympics were totally fab, and it looks like your family had loads of #activefamily fun too. x


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