Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Changing days...

We are in adjustment mode at the moment... one of those periods where, as a Mama, you don't quite feel like your in control because the way your child has functioned for the past few months is changing because they're growing up. I have loved our 2 nap routine. An hour and a half in the morning to get all my housework done and and hour and a half in the afternoon to catch up on blogging, emails, lesson planning, coffees with friends... but all that is changing. Ava is letting me know that she's ready to go for the one mighty nap and I have finally realised I need to go with it.

Oh how I want to cling to that morning nap! The thought of a grumpy baby at 11 o clock and trying to stretch her to at least 12.30pm does NOT sit well with me, and the thought of losing that hour and a half of productivity ALSO does not sit well with me. I know I can get stuff done when she's up and about... but its not the same!

The upside is the afternoon nap gets a bit longer, and she's been sleeping in the morning til 7.30am/8ish... so that's a result and when we're out and about, the morning whizzes by for both of us. On Friday, we headed to our church's Mums and Tots group and had a whale of a time. It was lovely to be back. When we got home I turned round and realised Ava's helmet had fallen over her eyes so the poor child couldn't see anything the whole ride home. When I lifted it up, this is what I found...

Bless her! It was then I realised that this season is an adjustment for her too and I need to stop being selfish with my time and appreciate every minute with this little, noisy bundle of joy! Our schedule will shift and change a lot over the next year, and will change dramatically, I'm sure, with the arrival of Bubba 2 (who incidentally has started to kick me hard enough that I can feel it this week!), but I need to embrace the change and go with the flow and enjoy it as we navigate this growing up thing together!

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