Monday, 17 December 2012

How fast a year flies...

I'm taking a slight deviation from my "Countdown to Christmas" today... I hope you'll forgive me... but this Saturday we had our NCT christmas party and I just had to share...

This time last year, we were new parents of little bubbas who couldn't sit, but slouched against the sofa, propped up by cushions and dressed up in suitable christmassy attire... like this...

One year on, and boy, how our worlds have changed. We have toddlers - little mini people who walk around, back-chat, show their little personalities and don't always do what they're told. But boy do we love them. Its been such a journey, and fab to share it with these lovely ladies who have changed from being the strangers we first laid eyes on in that awkward first meeting, to some of my best friends.

And here they are one year later! Yes we are total saddo's and lined them up in the same order as last year. But yes, we are also clever enough to put them in high chairs so they couldn't escape! Still impossible to get that perfect picture, though!!!

Aren't they too cute?!

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