Wednesday, 16 January 2013

On big babies, extra scans and polyhydramnios...

On Monday, we had the latest scan to check the growth of Bubba 2... for those of you who haven't caught all the info, Bubba was picked up as being on the large side at my 20 week scan. Ever since then we have been on an adventure of multiple scans, repetative gestational diabetes tests and amniotic fluid-watch.

So here's the latest.

Bubba is looking fit and well, is head down (finally - pray it stays there!!) and is happily growing along the 97th centile line. They are predicting a 9lbs 5oz baby at the moment... we'll see. I'm just glad this isn't my first! But all in all, it seems baby is fine. This has been the hugest answer to prayer...

However, the latest complication is that I have now been diagnosed with having "Polyhydramnios". This basically means I'm carrying an above average amount of amniotic fluid. And every time I go back for another scan, it seems my body has produced even more. The consultant has said it seems my Polyhydramnios has no cause... they have ruled out everything they can and seem unconcerned about the baby. It just means a closely monitored pregnancy and a very closely monitored labour as chances of cord prolapse and hemorrhaging are higher. They are confident, however, that as they are on the case, there will be no issues.

The consultant has been great, but if I'm honest, it doesn't make the whole thing less scary. My pregnancy with Ava was about as textbook as they come, and my labour (water-birth) was so straightforward. The prospect of drips and monitoring and possible emergency caesarians and other complications scares me. But I know that God is good, that he has never failed me in his faithfulness and that I can trust him completely.

Please remember us, and our little one, in your prayers as we run the final stretch (7 weeks to go...)

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  1. I hope all is well for you and your little one! I totally understand how you feel with the big baby. My 3rd child was 11 pounds, 9 ounces...which I found out after a completely natural delivery of him! I had extra scans too but they were all off by 3 pounds. I was just thankful our delivery went smoothly given his size! Just remember, scans are an estimate and he may not even be as big as you think.


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