Monday, 21 January 2013

Project Ava's Room: It's finished!!!

This weekend, we finally made the big move! Ava has moved from her little nursery into her own big girl bedroom. We were delayed by one night because the poor thing has been suffering with an ear infection, and we didn't want to rock the boat until that had settled down, but she's now spent two nights in her new room and seems to be settling well (the first night she cried a bit when we put her to bed, but nothing the second night - phew!)

We managed to come in under budget by being a bit creative and doing some of the little touches ourselves... the tree mural came in free because I used paint we already had, and wallpaper samples for the leaves. The lampshade (left) was a cheap white lampshade from Homebase that I've had for years that I glue-gunned buttons onto, the notice board was a homemade affair (check out my shop here if you're interested in buying one!)

The chest of drawers - IKEA - £100
Storage boxes and shelves (that I haven't put up yet) - IKEA - £22
Blind (B and Q) - £15

So here we go... the big "reveal" moment! There are still a few finishing touches I need to do - hang up her notice board, put a shelf up and put a few nails in the wall for hanging things, but for the most part its done and I'm really pleased with the result... she seems to be enjoying it too!

Ava loves her "Baum" (tree) and still says "Oh wow!" every time she walks into the room!!
Bigging up the woodland theme!

I made the teddy just before Ava was born, and it matches perfectly with the colour scheme...  the lamp was a button and glue gun jobby and the notice board was a Homemade Huette design!
Simple and fresh - I'm so glad we went for that green when we decorated 2 years ago!

Cosy and girly 
Love these classics - can't wait to read them to my girly!
So there you have it... as you can see - someone is enjoying her new room...

Enjoying her toys...
...and sleeping well too! After a 2 and a half hour nap, we went in, opened her blinds and curtains and chatted in her room before finally singing to wake her!! Seems she's dreaming sweetly under her tree!
All with a lovely view of the snow we've been enjoying!
... now just to sort out the nursery for Bubba 2 (thankfully just a simple deep clean and tidy up job!)


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