Friday, 18 January 2013

Savouring the moment...

I have been working a bit more this week, trying to squeeze in all my hours before I go on maternity leave again. I do love teaching; the children were very sweet and hardworking and are beginning to get quite excited about our imminent arrival. But I love it when the weekend swings round and I know I have 5 whole days with my Ava M. She is such a little bundle of joy and chatters away now in all three languages. It still doesn't cease to amaze me how much she has picked up. This morning, I was up in the bathroom brushing my teeth, while she was down in the hallway waiting for me at the stair gate and I could see her trying to reach her coat. "Jacke" (the German word for coat) she repeated 3 times before then saying "coat" on repeat in English another three times. Amazing.

I love savouring those sweet little moments... Hearing her chatter to herself, watching her play, enjoying bedtime snuggles. I know that in no time she will be grown up and I'll be struggling to remember these little details, so I'm doing my level best to store 'em up and keep 'em safe.

I do love that Girly...

PS Ava's bedroom will be revealed in all its glory on Monday (!!)... I just have a few finishing touches to make and plan to have her sleeping in there tomorrow night... Eek! Exciting!

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