Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Project Ava's Room: The Mural

Well, this past weekend, I finally got to do the bit of the room I was most looking forward to... Ava's mural! I had my heart set on painting a tree in her room and used the tree murals from Pinterest as my inspiration... I like the colour combo of the green tree down the right, but preferred the shape and form of the brown tree top centre... so I mixed it up and had a go...

and this is what happened...

First, I drew an outline on the wall with pencil to show the form of the tree... I tried to take a picture so I could post it, but the pencil was so light, I couldn't get a picture that showed the whole tree... so I decided to skip that and skip straight to the fun part - the painting!

We had half a tin of the green paint that we had used on the chimney breast in her room left over, so this really was a dirt cheap (well, actually free!) project.

 I had great fun going to town on the tree itself! Excuse the mess in the room... it is a bit of a tip while we try and get ourselves organised! After painting the tree on Friday night, we hit the local hardware shop in search of some leaves... AKA wallpaper samples. I raided the aisles tearing off little pieces here and there that I thought might work with the colour scheme... the store lady told me to take as much as I liked - so I didn't feel bad doing it!

When I got home, we had a quick Skype chat with my sis in Australia, and Dave headed off to football, while Ava headed up for her nap. I sat myself down on the sofa with a cup of tea, my wallpaper samples, a pair of scissors and "Julie and Julia" (a movie I recorded over Christmas) and started drawing round my templates and cutting out 40 or so leaves...

 It was then time to arrange. I grabbed a big wadge of blue tac, and got to work attaching them to the branches... I did it with blue tac first, so that I had the option of moving some around (which I did end up doing) until I was happy with the end result...


VERY happy with the result (literally beaming from ear-to-ear, jumping up and down happy)... all I need to do now is actually paste them on with good old wallpaper paste... my next challenge!!

Double bed is heading off this evening, so hoping to have Ava in her new room by the end of the week... Eek!!!

More updates to follow...


  1. It will be soooo nice! The tree looks great!

    xxx Catrin

  2. That looks so great! Can't wait to see more updates :)


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