Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Book Worms and Baby Love...

We're finally at the age where we are loving stories... no more premature page-turning, no more getting bored after two pages. Finally, Ava is loving to sit and listen to story after story after story, and given that I'm now 37 weeks and DEFINITELY slowing down, this has come at a perfect time!

Meanwhile, my reading habits have deteriorated to almost nothing. With a one and a half year old, work (which I incidentally finish this week), Homemade Hutte orders and just general housekeeping, I've barely had a second to pick up a book! Oops...

Cheeky grin!

Book worm!

Mama and Ava M

Showing her little brother or sister some love!

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  1. Ohhhh wie süß! Bücher sind so wichtig... schön, dass Ava die Bücher auch so liebt!

    LG Catrin


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