Friday, 15 February 2013

Last day of School...

Children's faces have been purposefully blurred
Yesterday was my last day of school. It's a funny one, leaving in the middle of the week. The day was packed with the usual Numeracy, Literacy, Guided Reading, RE and French lessons... in many ways it was like any normal school day. And yet I suppose, deep in the back of my mind, the thought was always there... "This is my last day..."

Weird, because my last "last day" really doesn't feel so very long ago (it was in fact only 19 months ago!) and that last day was very different. It was the end of term... my Year 6 class were leaving to go to secondary school, everyone was heading off for the summer holidays; there was a general sense of "closure" and finality about the place. This time I know school will continue onwards... more lessons tomorrow, a week of half term and then back to the grind for my colleagues who work so unbelievably hard. It was almost like slipping out half way through a movie. You don't get the closure or the end, but somehow you know, your act is finished.

It all seems very melancholy, this, doesn't it?! Don't get me wrong - the children made me a lovely card, the staff gave me some lovely (and very unnecessary) pressies and people sent me off with well-wishes and good cheer and I am SO excited about this next chapter. With all the who-ha we've had through this pregnancy, I'm just desperate to hold this little one in my arms and know we made it - we made it through all the complications, all the concerns, all the potential hiccups. I can't wait to be "through the woods" and bring this little one safely home.

So I'm now looking forward to a couple of weeks of enjoying being on maternity leave with my Ava M and my lovely hub (who has half term next week!) before we are joined by our new precious little bundle...

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