Wednesday, 17 April 2013

All inspired...

Oh my. Is anybody else absolutely LOVING BBC's "The Great British Sewing Bee"????

I AM SO INSPIRED. I love sewing... but I have never ever been brave enough to actually try and sew a real item of clothing. But do you know what? This programme is making me think I might actually be able to pull it off! Ridiculous, I know... but I am loving it!!

I think there's something wonderful about the current culture of "going back to our roots"... of the love for all things homemade and vintage (cue quick plug for my etsy shop... check out the latest stock here!) and there's something lovely about the thought of making your own clothes. It was something I had on my "Get Good Summer" list last year, and then that went to pot when I found out I was pregnant and felt queasy for most of the summer.

Personally? I'm torn on who I want to win. I think Sandra is just so good, but I like Stuart's creativity, Sandra's precision, and I absolutely love Lauren's style. I'm happy for any of them to be honest, and only wish I could have half the sewing skills they do!

I'll do a quick shout out for Tilly though. I thought she was utterly brilliant and was gutted when she was booted last week, but she has a fab little blog going with loads of great ideas and patterns - some of which are actually supposed to be doable for a total novice like me! I'm quite tempted by her Miete skirt, and I absolutely loved her Mathilde Blouse, though I think that might be a bit tricky to start with...

Have any of you been hooked by the programme? Who do you want to win? Anyone got any top tips for a novice looking to try her hand at making something semi-wearable?!

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