Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The dreaded pox!

Oh joys... we've been hit! It's been doing the rounds and I have been in awe that we have somehow managed to avoid it thus far as we've watched Ava's little friends drop like flies...

Last night, when I was getting her into her pyjamas, I spotted three red little blisters on her back...

Let the games commence! Ava's got chicken pox!

Hoping that this little lady will be covered by my immunity. She is such a little joy and is smiling away now. Its so lovely to see that gorgeous little personality shining through. She has such a sweet little temperament and we are all enjoying her very much.


  1. Poor thing . Pirition liquid ( I think u can give it to a little one) stop the itching internally and buy the camomile cream if u can as it is easier to keep on her.

  2. Oh noooooo!!! Poor all of you!


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