Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dangerous daydreaming in the sunshine...

The weather is glorious and sitting in the garden is ALWAYS dangerous. I start dreaming... dreaming about new projects, about what thing I would like to change, or improve or work on... and seeing as I was sitting in the garden, my new project became "the garden"

Oh dear...

The danger with pinterest and such like, is that you begin to dream really unrealistically.

For example.

In my head, next summer, my Dad and I are going to build this...

Courtesy of Mamaskram

Mamas Kram is my total inspiration when it comes to all things garden related. I just LOVE her combo of German/Scandinavian style (no surprises there!)

I made a start on beautifying the garden last spring, and this is what came of it...

Ava had a little tent that stayed up all summer long...

I started work on my trellis wall. I still have big plans for this...

A little herb garden... this has been SOOO well used!

A little bit of Holland... you've got to have a few continental touches!

So that was last year... and this (below) is the result of my dangerous day-dreaming in the garden this week...

Yes, that does say playhouse, art station, bug hotel... you also are correct in reading veg patch and scarecrow. And yes, stone kids tic-tac-toe is also written there.

I blame Pinterest! (You can see my garden board here)

I'm not actually sure if any of this will come off the ground. I have a tendency sometimes to dream big and then need a little help with the getting there (which my poor Dad always bears the brunt of... but hey, if you're a DIY superman, what can you expect?? I inherit my optimistic dreaming big from him anyway, so he really can't complain!!)

Last night, I made my first little imprint on my plans for my developing trellis wall... and decided to make a sign. Again, Mama's Kram was my inspiration...

Photo courtesy of Mamaskram

All you need? A bit of wood, a lick of paint, and a permanent marker that is waterproof.

Photos of the sign in action to follow...

Just a little step at a time, and maybe, just maybe, by next summer my day-dreaming will have actually amounted to something!

Do any of you ever dream big?? Do you actually get your plans off the ground!?


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  1. Hi Claire,
    wir (Hanna und ich) mussten eben ziemlich lachen, als wir deinen Post gelesen Prinzip ist dein Dad ja echt selbst Schuld- das hast du ziemlich richtig erkannt!
    Ich finde deine Pläne toll!
    Bei uns liegt seit gestern auch ein Spielhaus im Garten (das vom Kiga!!)und wartet darauf aufgestellt und benutzt zu werden.

    ...vielleicht kann ich bei dir ja schon die ersten Fortschritte sehen, wenn ich das nächste mal zu Besuch komm??

    LG von Hanna und Catrin


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