Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Ribbon Roads...

Half a decade ago, I said "I will" to this man...

I have never, for a split second, regretted that decision.

This time five years ago, I was getting myself ready for our wedding day. Prettying myself up, giggling with my girlfriends; hopeful, expectant... the future was bright, not a single cloud on the horizon.

It was a glorious day. The sun beamed down, the service was lively and joyful, we were surrounded by our nearest and dearest as I said "yes" to my best friend.

A few weeks ago, the lovely Esther, who sang at our wedding, reminded me of the song we had chosen for her to sing... I love this song. It captures the heart of what this great adventure of marriage is all about... love, commitment, living life together, whatever comes. It talks of the heady excitement and optimism of newlyweds, and it talks of the deep-rooted commitment and love of walking this road together. This past few months has indeed been heavy with sighs... Our marriage has been, for me, like shining rivers in rain blackened skies. David, you have upheld me in so many ways over these difficult few months; catching my tears on your shoulders, speaking truth and clarity into my confusion, pointing me to Jesus. Thank you. I am so honoured to share life with you, and so grateful for the gift you are to me and both our girls.

So let me leave you with Kristyn, singing this beautiful song, reminding me of that special day 5 years ago... we've travelled a rocky road together this past year, but the Lord is faithful and will keep these ribbon roads rolling till our journey ends. I love you, David, and look forward to walking the rest of this road with you beside me, by God's grace.

The Ribbon Roads keep rolling
By castle and shore
I remember every rhythm
Of wild ocean roar
There we have wandered
As dream dwellers roam
The Ribbon Roads keep rolling
From long, long ago

The Ribbon Roads keep rolling
Unbroken and free
Full of hidden memory
That calls you and me
If footsteps could whisper
They surely would tell
The Ribbon Roads keep rolling
With songs they know well

Oh my love and friend of mine
Walk with me till the end of time
Hold my hand mile after mile

Oh the Ribbon Roads keep rolling
They’re heavy with sighs
They seem like shining rivers
In rain-blackened skies
But here comes the morning
In crimson and green
The Ribbon Roads keep rolling
As they’ve always been

Oh the Ribbon Roads keep rolling
From dusk until dawn
The road that we have taken
Has taken us on
We see where we came from
And see distant bends
The Ribbon Roads keep rolling
Till our journey ends…

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  1. 5 Jahre... ist das schon wieder sooo lange her? ...irre!

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch - und alles Gute für die nächsten 50 Jahre!

    xxx Catrin


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