Monday, 2 September 2013

#GetGoodSummer Linky Party: Week 9: The Finale

Drumroll please...

It's time to announce the grand finale of #GetGoodSummer. We have slogged, we have slaved, we have set ourselves challenging goals, and I think it's fair to say though we all know we could've achieved more this summer, we've perhaps made a dent in a few of those goals that have been hanging over us for a while...

So, how did you get on???

This linky today is all about sharing our successes and failures as we reflect on the summer that has been... The aim of #GetGoodSummer was to help us be intentional about these summer months that all too often slip by us... Did you manage it?? Whether or not you managed to complete all five of your goals (I didn't!), do you feel like you've had a slightly more productive summer than normal?

Share your updates in the linky, and, as always,if you aren't a blogger, post your updates in the comments!

PS - I'd love to hear your feedback on this linky... Just leave a comment below. Worth repeating next summer? Anything you think would make it more effective?? Let me know... I'm open to suggestions!


  1. Hazel Rogers 1) clear back room of unnecessary clutter before the builders step in later in the year!
    Have made a start but we decided our sons room needed redecorating so that took priority. This is now the goal for Sept/oct
    2) read for at least half an hour every day
    Pretty much maintained this though have only got through a few books this summer
    3) maintain my quiet time over the summer no easy feat with a teenager constantly interrupting!
    Have tried and had some success and failures but felt encouraged never the less.
    4) try to learn a little more French whilst on holiday there in August.
    Feel this was a goal I would love to have achieved more with but I enjoyed the holiday more with that goal .
    5) to end the summer more fit and not stressed as normal after having a teenager round me for 6 weeks......Lol
    I have tried to do a walk every day or some form of exercise and according to family I do not seem as stressed as normal.

    If I had known what going to France would really achieve I might not have gone! I was forced to face the fact from a little girl I have been scared of heights. So faced with mountains my family wanted to get to the top and the views I had 2 choices to go or to stay down below on my own all day. I thought of this link and knew God had given me his challenge of the summer. So in his strength I managed 1 tram up Mount Blanc and 2 cable cars up other mountains. It was here I saw the beauty of Gods Creation.
    Thank you Claire for Get Good Summer and please bring it back next year...

  2. Well done, everyone! It's really encouraging to read the stories of progress that people have made this summer, even if we haven't all met every single goal in the way we had hoped. Here's how I got on:
    1. Try a new recipe each week. Really enjoyed doing this and discovered a yummy fish pie recipe, as well as some v addictive choc squares :)
    2. Have a holiday away with my lovely husband and dog! Did this last week and it was so great to get away from everything at home and spend some quality time together and with Andy's family.
    3. Strip all the paint from our bannisters (this will take hours!) Almost got there but it needs another few hours' work to get rid of the really stubborn bits.
    4. Declutter our house. Hmm... I've done bits and bobs and at least we now know which pile of clutter to look in!
    5. Work up to running 10 miles again. I did this twice whilst on holiday and am going to try to keep it up at the weekends once term starts again.

    Claire - Thanks so much for keeping us accountable and focused this summer, and for entertaining us with your stories! You've been a real blessing :)

  3. Thank you, Claire. As a newbie to Twitter and blogging your #GetGoodSummer and really helped, not only with getting my challenges done but also in learning about linkys and tweeting and commenting. Looking forward to next year. Lynne xxxxx

  4. Please repeat it next year Claire, it really made my summer far more intentional and productive - appeals to my nature! I would suggest maybe only having one linky code which you use every week, thus collating all the posts in one place. Does that make any sense?


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