Sunday, 1 September 2013

My #GetGoodSummer...

So. It is done. Finished. Over.

#GetGoodSummer has been and gone.

I'm a mixed bag of emotions... Some of my goals I completed... Others I had a good go at, and others I failed entirely!

Isn't that the nature of goal setting?!

So here goes...

#1: Do half an hour of exercise every day...
I'm pretty pleased with this one... Week eight was utterly disastrous... But aside from that, I did manage a half hour of exercise at least pretty much every day. Some days that was simply the exercise that my physio has instructed me to do, other days it was a bike ride or a fjord swim. I'm chuffed. My aim was to shift some baby weight, and I'm pleased to announce I'm back to my pre-Heidi weight. I still have a way to go before I'm back to my pre-Ava weight, but hey-ho, I'm only 6months post-pregnancy and I am partial to a piece of chocolate, slice of cake or bag of haribo (or all three!) at times... This is one goal I'm pretty happy with, even though I didn't fully meet it!

#2: Make Homemade Lemonade...
I have made buckets of it, we've loved it, and its going to be a summertime tradition in our household now!

#3: Read through Genesis to Leviticus...
Ok, I only made it through Genesis, because then I started on something else very exciting (which I'm going to reveal to you tomorrow!) but I don't actually see that as a failure. To get through all those books, I'd have had to have moved at a pretty fast pace... Instead I have wallowed in the Word and loved working my way through Iain Duguid's Genesis material (he is one of my favourite Bible Study writers). I have been challenged, and convicted, and encouraged by looking particularly at the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their wives, and the truth that God's promises are steadfast and reliable, even through the tough times, has been reinforced and cemented in my heart repeatedly... Something that we have known all to well this past year. It has been precious and valuable time and I'm so glad I didn't rush on through!

#4: Scrapbook for Heidi...
OK, I haven't even made a start on this one, mainly because my laptop's beng a total pain and not letting me upload my photos to the web until I free up some space. However, I have been working on a Summer Scrapbook for the girls that I have been updating every evening and I'm so pleased with it. Scrap booking on the job is so much easier that being faced with the huge task of documenting the first four months of your babies life (and Heidi's first four have been pretty eventful, bless her) but its a goal I intend to work on as we head into the Autumn... I'll keep you posted!

Heidi looking glum that her scrapbook is incomplete...

#5: Make three things from "All Sewn Up"
OK... I made 2 out of 3; some fabric coasters for my lovely friend Cheryl, and some country style bunting for my sister-in-law Jo... I'm happy with that. There's more I'd like to do, but I'm beginning to gear up to relaunch Homemade Hütte now that Heidi's a bit bigger and so the book may take a back seat for a while, we'll see.

All in all, I've had a fairly productive summer. I haven't met all my goals, but this linky is not about beating yourself up. The idea was to encourage us to be purposeful this summer, and I know I've done way more because of #GetGoodSummer. Trust me, I would not have been entering that icky old fjord every day if it hadn't been for all of you, so thank you.

Thanks for doing this with me... It's been fun! Perhaps we'll be back next year...


  1. Well done on the things you achieved - we should always aim high and if we manage to hit some of our goals then that is fabulous! Love the sweet face of your little girl x

  2. You have done 'so' well Claire, you are truly inspirational and as you said, thanks to #GetGoodSummer, I also did much more that I would have done otherwise. Thanks and well done again!xxx

  3. I think you've done really, really well. Need to write up my post now. Have some successes but a couple of things to continue working on too x


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