Thursday, 24 October 2013

Gardening Fairies: Savouring the Season Linky Party 6!

Back in the spring, I planned out my fairly extravagant plans for the garden... we managed to do most of them... our scarecrow watches over our shrubs, our Creepy Crawlie Hotel is teeming with life and our trellis wall is covered in autumnal blooms of red and yellow pansies. But my vegetable patch? Well, I built the patch and cleared it, and then the summer came and went and this happened...

An overgrown wasteland of dandelions and weeds.

And so, determined not to let this turn into an iced-over jungle over the winter, Ava and I hit the garden centre to hunt down some autumn sowing crops, and here's what we came back with...

With our seeds in hand, we tackled the plot, ripping out all the weeds from their roots and turning over the soil ready to sow some seeds. One little lady was loving the gardening glove look, and was perfectly happy digging with trowel in hand while Mama went in with the giant spade!

The plot is now cleared and ready to go. Today we will plant our seeds and hope they will survive the winter frosts (and snow and blizzards and ice-storms - supposedly the worst winter on record? Oh help!)

What autumn activities have you been up to this week?? Share your seasonal love below, and please go take a look at what other people have been up to... I've loved stealing some fab ideas from some of you!!

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  1. I never thought about planting seeds at this time of year, but then I'm not very green fingered. Good idea. x


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