Friday, 15 November 2013

On being a parent...

You are the creator of their childhoods. You are the influencer of their dreams, and tastes and fears. You are the emcee of all reality, the one to introduce you children to the true personality of their maker, as imaged by your life more than your words. The choices you now make have lives riding on them. ALWAYS.
- N.D.Wilson -

Wow. What a calling! I thank God for grace!

This week I've been thinking a lot about my parenting. It's amazing how you can swan along, not thinking much at all when things are going well, and then suddenly you hit a few bumps in the road and you start to question EVERYTHING you do.

At the moment, our 2-year-old is being a 2-year-old. She's an adorable, loving, bubbly, music-box, non-stop talker and I love her to pieces. But she's also enjoying challenging our boundaries.

I tell you what, this 2-year-old has made me have more of those "I feel out of control" moments than my classes of 30 Year 6 children ever did!

So I'm brewing over the quote above and remembering that every little piece of training we do now, every time we discipline, every piece of praise we give, every snappy word and sharp response is shaping this little person. And everything I do is modeling to her. I can teach her the Gospel in what I say... but ultimately, its the way I live that will tell her the real story. She's watching; always watching. And soaking, and learning, and copying.

Boy, this motherhood thing is a hefty responsibility.

But, oh! What a gift!


  1. You hit the nail on the head, it is a massive big responsibility and He obviously thinks we are up for the job, praise Him. Mich x

  2. This is so so so true! We are doing a lot about parenting in my church small group and the take home message week after week for me is that I just need to be living a Christian walk myself and talking about Jesus and living it all out for my daughter to see and that's the most effective way I can parent. It's overwhelming and scary but amazing as well!

    Just found your blog from the Mary and Martha FB group and look forward to getting to know you better :)


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