Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Scandinavia hits Surburban London...

After my manic morning at Britmums Christmas Do on Monday, I headed home to an equally mad and manic evening. After weeks of planning, material cutting, stock making, stock sourcing, button buying, flyering, leaflet organising, Swedish practicing and same-song-on-repeat singing, the time had finally come.

The Scandinavian Christmas Craft Evening had arrived.

We spent the afternoon dolling up the room... christmas music on, the tree decorated Scandinavian style, and old piano made to resemble a Scandinavian living room at Christmas. Each table was set up and ready to go - traditional scandinavian weaved hearts, dining table centrepieces, Christmas bunting, gingerbread men decorations, stuffed hearts, homemade stockings, hot chocolate and flapjack jars, decorated candle holders. All had been thought of.

We had reckoned on about 80 - 100, but within the first half hour it became evident we had underestimated the success of the evening. It. Was. Heaving. I didn't even get any Glögg or Pepparkaker it was so busy!

I spent the first half of the evening dashing backwards and forwards between coordinating and instructing the homemade stockings table, and trying to man my Homemade Hütte stall. I'm GUTTED I didn't get some pictures. The room looked amazing. But I was utterly run off my feet. I had my camera round my neck the entire evening but barely had a second to take any photos... I did manage one!

I think next year we'll have to rope someone in to be the photographer!

The main room was a hive of activity; a buzz of chatter, Scandinavian christmas carols playing in the background, laughter and that incredible mulled wine scent. In the side room people sat and chatted over coffee and cake, or browsed the homemade wares stalls. There was SO much on offer, it was amazing!

It was fun to be selling my stuff again. With everything we've been through with Heidi these past few months, it had taken a back seat... but how fun to be back to creating and selling again!

Crazy to think its a whole year since I launched my little business! If you're after some homemade giftware, or something to spruce up your home from the season, please pop over to my Homemade Hütte Facebook Page and give it a like! 

About half way through the evening, Emelie, Lisa and I darted out to get ready for a little surprise. We changed into white robes (somewhat resembling Victorian nightdresses) and grabbed our candles. We were going to re-enact one of Sweden's dearest Christmas Traditions... Sankta Lucia!

A very brave Emelie laid a wet cloth over her hair before putting her crown of real candles onto her head. We then walked slowly into the hall singing (yes - in Swedish!) before Emelie explained the tradition... glad there were no cameras around at that point!

It was an amazing evening. It was jam-packed in every sense, but there was such a buzz about the place and everyone went home with the hugest grins, carrying their precious creations.

I tell you what, its a killer to organise... but absolutely one of my favourite evenings of the entire year.

I came home an exhausted but happy girly. Life is full. There is joy to be found always. In some little corner. Whatever life throws at you. Because God is good.


  1. Hört sich toll an! Und ich hoffe doch seeeehr, dass sich von der Lucia Aufführung ein Bild auftreiben lässt! Irgendwer muss zumindest eines mit dem Handy gemacht haben - DAS - WILL - ICH - SEHN!!
    ;-) xxx Catrin

  2. It was a lovely evening and well worth All the effort - thanks to everyone who made it happen x

  3. Ah my gosh, this is literally down the road to me. Would have loved to gone, we were planning to go to a Scandinavian type Christmas craft fair or market this year! Will definitely be there next year


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