Friday 21 February 2014

Half Term Highlights...

We were expecting a downpour this week. One long, perpetual rain shower. And so we decided to make the most of every scrap of cloud to get out and about.

The result has been brilliant!

The weather has held off and not been anywhere NEAR as bad as what was forecast, and the result has been lots of outdoor fun!

There's been plenty of playground fun...

Walks in Surrey villages...

Trips to the ice rink!

On Wednesday we took a trip to a fabulous undiscovered gem of a Museum... but more on that next week!

Thursday we had a home day. Our scheduled trip to Brighton had to be cancelled as Ava woke up with a temperature, so we had a mooch about the house/visit the Doctors kind of day...

Today? Today everyone is well again (well, aside from the perpetual cold!) and already this has arrived...

That's my weekend sorted then!

Hoping you all have managed to make the most of the unexpected sunshine this week!

Happy weekend!

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