Thursday 20 February 2014

Olympic Small-World Play FAILURE! Savouring the Season Linky Party 22

For quite a while I have had this idea in my head for doing a bit more small world play with the girls. I know Heidi's too young for it really, but Ava loves a bit of imaginative play, and so with the Olympic fever in our house at the moment, I decided to conjure up a bit of Sochi magic while the girls were taking their afternoon nap.

A bit of water and blue food colouring in the freezer makes a fabulous ice-rink, and plenty of opportunities to talk science!

To say I had a lot of fun creating our Winter Wonderland is probably an understatement.

A giant bed sheet, Happy Land people, a bit of brio and some drinking straws were all that were needed...
And two little girls came down with eyes as wide as saucers...

The ice-rink was definitely the biggest hit...

But do you know what? Within five minutes, the thing was totally trashed, Ava was asking to watch a DVD and I realised that sometimes? Sometimes I just try too hard, and over-creative can be over-whelming...

We put everything away and spent the rest of the afternoon playing "bobsleighs" with the bed sheet... lasted a lot longer than the 5 minutes play with my Olympic Masterpiece.

Lesson learnt!

So there we go... think we'll hold back on the small world play for a while yet... and stick to good old traditional fun!

What winter fun have you been up to this week? Hopefully not too long to go until the springtime arrives; lets share some last minute Winter fun as we're all getting a little weary of this endless rain!

Please comment on other entries too! Linkys only work if we all give each other a bit of comment love!


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  1. Oh I love this, and the feeling is so familiar! You put so much preparation into a fan activity.... But they're just not interested! It looks so fun too! I'd love it if you could link up with my Creative Challenge next Weds, all about being creative, with hobbies or playtime, and I'm hoping for failures and successes! xx

  2. Well Claire - I'm impressed with your Olympic re-creation, even if your girls are'nt!!
    Thanks for your honest accounts of the "successes & failures" of creative play!
    Have a good day xx

  3. The winter olympics looks fun. Love the bobsleigh.

  4. You are just so clever, I love this idea. Looks like a lot of fun! Love the ice rink! x

  5. OMG I am in love! This is so ace! The ice rink is inspired!!! My Boo loved watching the ice skating and we're taking her to see Disney on Ice in a few weeks so I am going to go make one right now ready for her to play with tomorrow!
    I feel for you with the trashing of it- I used to work in nurseries and would spend ages setting up lovely things only for the kids to come in and literally swipe the whole lot instantly off the table!
    Even if they only played with it for 5mins though they still will have got ideas from it! And the bobsleigh sheet fun looks awesome! They are such cuties!! Thanks for the ideas!! X

  6. I found that Potato wasn't ready for Small World Play when I tried a beach scene last week. He loved playing and making a mess, but he wasn't interested in the imaginative aspect. Will try again in a few months. I love the improvised bedsheet bobsleigh too!


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