Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Project Playhouse... The Inspiration...

It's time!!

I am SO excited about this new little project. At the beginning of March, Heidi turns one, and this year we have a joint birthday present planned for our girls... One that will hopefully provide them with years of fun! Our fabulous family have teamed together to make this dream a reality and create a pretty little playhouse for our girlies to play in...

For a long time I have dreamt of a piece of Scandinavia in our garden, and inspired by the lovely Doris from "Mama's Kram" and Silje from "Silje Sin" this idea was planted in my mind (incidentally - they are my two FAVOURITE homes and interiors blogs without a shadow of a doubt!) This dream has been brewing pretty much since Ava was born, and I'm SO excited its finally going to become a reality.

(Photos courtesy of Mama's Kram- left - and Silje Sin - right)

So watch this space... the playhouse arrives on Friday, my Dad and I will build it, and then the transformation begins!

I'll be filling you in as we go along!



  1. We're looking into getting a playhouse for Tilly. Will be interested to see your progress! Xx

  2. How about 3 playhouses by 2020?


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