Wednesday 12 March 2014

First Shoes!

Last week, we had a visit from Bestamor and Bestefar in Norway, and just as Ava received her first pair of shoes from them, this time it was Heidi's turn!

Our little lady is on the move! She's not walking yet, but she's cruising round everything, and walking with the aid of any baby bugger/walker/trolley she can get her hands on (even just a chair will do!) So when Bestemor and Bestefar asked if we could take a trip to the shoe-shop while they were over, we couldn't refuse...

She was good as gold, and didn't bat an eyelid at having her feet measured! I was so proud of her... she's going through a real "Mama" faze at the moment and getting her to play ball for strangers can be tricky, but she was happy as Larry, and seemingly quite intrigued by the whole process, as the assistant measured her little feet.

Or not so little - the girly's a size 3H...


She stood proudly with those little shoes on, and you could see, after an initial prod and poke at said shoes, that she was pretty chuffed with herself. She just kept saying "Wow!" on repeat!

I find it incredible that just putting shoes on them, suddenly seems to grow them up. It was like in the space of a few seconds, my little baby became a little girl... she just looked older somehow!

And so we enter a whole new phase... nearly two girls in toddlerhood... Oh, this could be fun!

A whole new adventure...

Off we go!

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  1. It is such a milestone isn't it?!
    She looks so proud of her new shoes, which are very pretty!

  2. I thought the same as you that she looks so grown up where she stands up in her new shoes!

  3. Aww she's getting all grown up - she definitely looks bigger all of a sudden!


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