Thursday 13 March 2014

How to Spring Clean your house in manageable steps: 40 Bags... Savouring the Season Linky Party 25

It's that time again... the buds begin to show on the branches, the sunshine starts to creep through, the rain (finally!) begins to wane and the dreaded "Spring Clean" commences...

I've gone through a few phases on this one...

Phase One: Spring Clean? What's that?
Phase Two: Big plans = total overwhelming failure
Phase Three: 40 bags in 40 days...

The last one is an idea I would truly love to claim as the ingenious idea of my own brain, but sadly I can't. It is, in-fact, the brain-child of the lovely Sarah at Clover Lane (which after 3 years of blog-reading remains to this day my absolute favourite, number-one blog to read) who is a self-confessed obsessor over cleanliness and lack of clutter. I am not one of these. I mean, I like cleanliness, and I like order, but I am prone to leaving the odd (understatement) "pile" of "stuff" on the stairs for someone to trip over, or on the side of the piano, or... you get the picture.

ANYway... a few years ago, I came upon this little project that Sarah does every year to spring clean her entire house top to bottom and I have totally fallen in love with it. It's been my Spring project the last couple of years, and its the only thing that's worked.

It is genius... and works right alongside the Lenten period (which I know started last week... OK, I'm a little behind schedule this year!)

So are you convinced?? Why not join in the fun this year...


Step One: Make a List. Number 1-40 down the side of your page and by each number write down an area you want to declutter. The KEY is to keep the areas small and manageable... e.g. Day One: Bathroom cabinet, Day Two: Medicine Cabinet etc etc

Step Two: Gather your equipment. I have a little bucket that I keep everything in... disinfectant spray, a cloth, baby wipes, and a bin bag (preferably black). You're all set to go.

Step Three: Each day, I take a little bit of time to tackle that day's area. Some days it literally takes me 5 minutes, other jobs are bigger, so I leave them to days I know I'm going to be around. Some days I might be on a roll and cover a couple of days at once (always a bonus as then I get a day off!) Whatever you do, the key is to set aside ten minutes a day to tackle your area.

Step Four: Be lethal. Empty out said area and chuck anything that hasn't been touched since the year before; half used conditioners, jeans with so many holes they're now officially indecent, toys the girls have forgotten about (hence the black bin bag... prevents a sudden rekindled interest in that toy!) Chuck what needs chucked and take whatever you can to the charity shop.

Step Five: Once everything's emptied out, give a quick spray of disinfectant and clean the drawer/shelf/box/cupboard in question before packing the "to-stay" items back in again.

It is quick, easy and effective... and by Easter you know you have a house that has literally been cleaned top to bottom. It is such a good feeling!

Of course, its also a time to reflect. To recognise the absolute abundance of "stuff" that we have accumulated, and remember, and practically give, to those less fortunate than ourselves.

So, who's with me??!

Link up your springtime posts below! Spring-cleaning, Spring adventures... anything and everything which is #SavouringtheSeason and please, please, PLEASE do go round and comment on each others. Even if its just the couple before your link!

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SO glad spring is finally here!!!

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  1. love this idea as im a big fan of making lists and enjoying the feeling of crossing each item off! going to give this a try- recently ive been tackling a room at a time in the evening when chunks in bed, but sometimes put off the big stuff, so breaking them down in more manageable bits may make me do it!

  2. I will apply your idea! It's perfect and it seems you don't lose too much time daily for house cleaning.......For the last week, I was thinking how to start my before Easter house cleaning process....

  3. That is a fantastic idea! If I can get my act together, I might just try it. My house desperately needs a spring clean.

  4. Such a clever idea to organise cleaning. I like the idea that you could just duplicate the list over and over again to always be on top of the house work.

  5. This is a really good idea. What we have trouble with is giving the stuff away that doesn't need binning - because even charity shops are being particular about things.

  6. That is such a brilliant idea. Love the bite sized approach. Trying to buy less, but somehow stuff still grows! I wonder if 40 will cover it all!

  7. I can't tell you how much I need to spring clean my house but I just never find the time, or may be that is make the time, always something more fun on the farm or a blog post to write!

  8. Love this idea and I get to write another list! Xx

  9. Tried to comment on this this morning but my phone went daft and lost it! I love this idea, not sure how much spring cleaning I am going to get round to this year but I definitely like the idea of breaking it down into manageable chunks! I have to figure out my blog/housework balance a bit more I think! xx

  10. Love the clover lane blog so did this last year. Didn't manage 40 days but 5 black sacks last year and already 2 this time. I just keep one black bag upstairs and one downstairs and every time I find something that needs to go it goes in it. Does make you think about the excess possessions we have.

  11. Looking forward to "David's drawers" being done although not sure there's anything wrong with them!

  12. Oh you're braver than me! My decluttering is going a little more slowly, but then I'm aiming to finish by July not April!

  13. Fancy coming round my house? ;-)

  14. Love this, going to write my list tomorrow!

  15. I'm going to do this this year xx

  16. I am all for small steps for spring cleaning! I've been trying to do things bit by bit this year. The only exception being spending the whole of today sorting D's room as it had got totally out of hand! x

  17. Love that idea, it's something I am def gonna set as a project but not until I have finished jury service so the way things are going prob won't start till Easter holidays. Lol

  18. Don't remind me, please! Just want to enjoy the sunshine! Lol! I shall spring clean the garden, the horses & stables - much nicer! ;-)

  19. This is amazing! Spring cleaning brings me so much joy. I am going through a rushless stage at the moment and just feel like I want to get rid of everything! I feel a massive swap party coming on!


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