Thursday, 15 May 2014

A walk down the road... and a wonderful suprise!

As city suburb kids, spending time here has been both fascinating and wonderful for my girls. They are soaking up the fresh air, splashing with delight in every puddle (it has rained every day without exception), squealing at every animal spotted, and just savouring every opportunity to be out and about.

Even a spur of the moment walk down the road can turn into a wonderful adventure!

 Which is exactly what happened yesterday.

A break in the rain, and we donned our rain gear and headed down the road to see what we could see...

One of the wonderful things I love about this village is just the rural life... we walked no further than 200 metres (you`ll find out why in a moment!)... and my little animal lover was in her element!

We spent time admiring the chickens, while Ava tried desperately to stroke one (which they were having none of!) when of course it started to rain again. We started to turn back (a rain-soaked walk with three under 3 is not always advisable!) when Catrin suggested we ask the farmer if we could head into the stall to visit the sheep.

A bit of shelter, and some more animal fun for these girlies.

We were in for a wonderful surprise!

Lamb triplets!

Born less than half an hour earlier!

Ava watched them, mesmerized as they tried to figure out how to get their milk from Mama sheep... standing up on wobbly legs within 15 minutes of entering the world. Skinny and soggy... but oh so beautiful!

And this little lady just watched and "baaah"ed to her hearts content!

We stayed for a while, chatting away to the farmers wife and watching these little animal lives beginning. A truly beautiful moment, and when we showed up at Kindergarten this morning, it was the first thing Ava wanted to tell her teacher!

She is doing wonderfully, but this is one habit she has developed that is not so wonderful...

This is Ava´s reaction, at the moment, anytime she hears a distant car...

"Ava, why are you covering your eyes... its dangerous! You need to look so you can see when a car is coming..."

"But I don´t LIKE cars, Mama!"

This could prove interesting when we get back to England!

We headed back home in the drizzle for some quiet play time...

We´ve been seriously enjoying Haba games (four for €20 from the second hand shop - I´m so chuffed! Haba games are just the most beautiful, best quality and best educational games out there in my opinion!) and just having fun together with their little friend...

Her older sister may be the puzzle whizz in our family... but Heidi´s making a good attempt now too!

Not bad for a 14 month old!


  1. lovely photos of the girls....great experiences for them! Lynnx

  2. Oh wow - rain or no rain you're in a beautiful part of the world - and having a fabulous time it seems!!

  3. Looks like you had a great day. My two love seeing farm animals, too, and those lambs look so sweet! And well done on the Haba bargain - love Haba! #CountryKids

  4. We had triplets born here on the farm too - they are adorable and all doing very well. It sounds like your daughter is quite the animal lover and the photos with the chickens are lovely. What a shame it rained so much, although it sounds like you made the most of your visit and had fun. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  5. Wow. That place is so perfect! Nice neighbors too! I wish we can stay in a place like this as it looks so cool to be there =) #countrykids


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