Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A trip to the zoo...

One of the joys of coming back here is catching up with the dear friends I made when I was out here nearly nine (nine?!?) years ago. My year in Austria was lifechanging in a number of ways... one of the biggest impacts it has had is on the multilingual nature of our home. I was so inspired by many of my lovely friends here who have riased their children bilingually... one of whom we had the joy of spending the day with yesterday.

So after picking Ava up from Kindergarten (she has been there 5 days now and is totally loving it! She has had no issue with being immersed in a Kindergarten in a foreign country and has shed not a single tear - I´m so proud of her!) we spent the afternoon with Barbara... the first person I met when I moved out here... my Kindergarten mentor and the one who very first planted the idea of raising bilingual children in my head!

And we headed to a little zoo where we got soaking wet in the rain, but still had a whale of a time!

There´s a Norwegian saying which goes...

"There´s no such thing as bad weather... just bad clothing!" which I love and is just so VERY true!

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