Friday 9 May 2014

Siblings: May 2014

Most of the time, these girlies play beautifully together... and I can honestly say they adore each other. Ava leads the games, of course, and Heidi must follow suit, but generally our chilled out little lady is pretty happy to go with that.
But sometimes? Sometimes these Girls know EXACTLY how to wind each other up... Heidi knows just how to wreck Ava´s games, and Ava knows just how to leave Heidi out. That´s siblings for you. And I´m eager that this blog reflects the reality of life with littles, so that when my girls read back through this all, one day, they´ll see it wasn´t all rainbows and roses all of the time.
I guess I have to accept that outbreak arguments are just part of the sibling territory.
So here´s our Siblings May photo: best buddy sisters mid-tiff!


  1. Oh that made me giggle - it reminds me so much of Elma's ability to wreak havoc on Kitty's Duplo towers!

  2. Hahahaha. Love this. That first photo is so lovely, with Heidi looking on adoringly at her big sister playing, but the second one really made me smile. True sibling fun!!! x


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