Friday, 22 August 2014

A Letter for our Ava: You are Three!

To our darling Ava, 

You are three! THREE! Where did those three years go?! That first moment I held you in my arms feels like yesterday and a lifetime ago all at once. Neither of us are the people we were then... You are not the frail, helpless little bundle, and I am not quite so naive and clueless as I was. You have taught me, and continue to teach me, every single day.

We have loved watching your personality and character unfold. You have a real sensitive and caring side... You are a wonderful big sister, look after your dolls with great care, and shower affection on any animals you meet! The other day, Papa gave you some penny coins, and after taking a few for yourself, you put the rest of your coins in Heidi's money box... That was such a sweet thing to do. Yesterday, you gave two if your teddies to the charity shop to "help the children who don't have very much". You are generous, and caring, and kind.

You are also a little fun lover, and no-one is able to make you laugh quite like your little sister. When Heidi is being silly, you give me that knowing look as into say, "What a little monkey she is" and then you chuckle. That gorgeous, bubbly chuckle that warms my heart.

Of course, you are a normal three year old and you disobey sometimes, and you find it hard to control your emotions too. That is all learning as well... Learning that we make mistakes, gets things wrong. Ultimately, you are learning that we are sinners and we need a Saviour.

And that is the thing I thank God for, little Ava... That you love to learn about Jesus. You love to hear stories, sing songs, pray and ask questions. So many questions! It brings joy to my heart when you say that you love Jesus and want to follow him. I don't think there is any greater gift you could give to this Mama's heart.

And so, Ava, that is what we will continue to pray for you as we head into this year of school and uniforms and all that it holds... That you would learn, while you are still young, that you are so unbelievably loved by the Saviour that he paid the ultimate price to be your friend, and that he wants so much to be your Saviour and King. 

He is kind, and faithful and steadfast. Turn your little eyes to Him this year my beautiful big girl. I love you so much.

Mama xxx

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