Friday 29 August 2014

Our Little Food Monster!

From the day this little lady entered the world, she has been a big fan of food. She loves anything and everything, and we've yet to find a food she will turn down... she'll eat it off her plate, or pinch it off your plate, or be found secretly shoveling down the leftovers from the floor. However, she has yet to beat her older sister's breakfast record of 2 weetabix and a slice of toast at 11 months old!

Until last week, that is!

The lovely people at Heinz for Baby sent us a gift pack full of breakfast goodies and we excitedly cracked it open... yummy boxes of muesli, breakfast pots and Breakfast Biscotti... a little more exciting than our normal weetabix and toast, and the girls excitedly tucked into their Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry muesli. The muesli is suitable from 10 months, but as its packed full of vitamins and minerals vital to little girl growth, its just as wonderful for my big girl as my little! Ava wolfed her muesli and biscotti down in a matter of minutes, and then was off to play again.

My youngest, however, was not finished!

Holding out her bowl, I heard the familiar cry...


I took her bowl, and refilled it up with another bowl of muesli, adding just a little bit of milk (making it VERY easy in comparison with some of the other baby cereals we have come across with water/milk measurements!) and watched her gobble that down too. Then suddenly...


Now this was a record... I don't think Heidi's every gone for more than two bowls of cereal, so asking for a third told me this Heinz muesli was going down pretty well. I'm sometimes conscious of not wanting to OVERfeed this little lady, but knowing that it counted for one of her five a day, and contained 12 key vitamins and minerals, I didn't feel too bad about pouring out her third helping. I watched, eyes wide, as she devoured her third bowl, before watching, with disbelief, those chubby little hands hold out that bowl to me again!!


Well, I'm sorry folks, but I put a stop to it there... however much I sometimes find it hard to provide the girls with their five a day, however convenient this cereal was to make, however  packed full of goodness this muesli was... three bowls for breakfast struck me as being enough! I wiped my little food-monster down and set her off to play, secure in the knowledge that she was definitely not lacking the most important meal of the day!

This week, we will crack open the Apricot and Peach muesli, and then I'm going to investigate the 11 flavours of other breakfast cereals they have...

* The Heinz Baby Breakfast Range is available in Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, Sainbury's and Boots *
* Muesli is suitable for 10+ months and comes in 2 flavours (mentioned above) *
* Muesli has an RRP of £2.15 for 200g *
* Heinz Breakfast Pots can be eaten hot or cold and are suitable from 4 months at £1.19 for 2 pots *
* Heinz Breakfast Biscotti are available for babies age 6+ months at £1.99 for 32 biscuits *

Disclosure: We were sent a gift pack by Heinz for Baby for the purposes of this review. We received no further incentive and all thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. Impressive breakfast eaters!

  2. This sounds better than the Norwegian breakfast!! Thank God that Heidi eats everything on her plate.

  3. Look at that cute little face! I love it :) So great to have children that eat heartily - I have three of those :) x

  4. That's very good going Heidi - it must be yummy!

  5. I wish my girls were such good eaters- LL is good but Mads is a complete fuss pot! x


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