Saturday 30 August 2014

Me and Mine: August

Well August has been and gone in a flurry of holidays, travels, birthdays and organising. We are so blessed that August is always OUR month... a month for the four of us to be together with no work, no school, no schedule and no routine. By the end of the month, I am ready for routine again, but boy do I savour every minute of the freedom of the school holidays!

So here is our little family in August; relaxing and enjoying being together surrounded by our eldest's beloved goats!

dear beautiful


  1. What a gorgeous photo! Norway is so beautiful and doesn't Ava look like her daddy!!

  2. Gorgeous photo. The holidays are great!

  3. Beautiful photo - you all look very relaxed and happy :-)

  4. Gorgeous photo Claire, I love the setting too...with the goats!

  5. Gorgeous photo Claire, what an amazing backdrop, and what a Summer you have had! x


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