Tuesday 26 August 2014

"The happiest days..."

On my birthday, last Tuesday, Dave and I headed out with the girls to one of our local National Trust properties. It was a sunny day, though on the chilly side, and it seemed the perfect opportunity to do a bit of exploring!
We walked around, me armed with my new camera lens and trying to figure out the logistics of it, when little H decided she was so tired she didn't know what to do with herself. And so the crying began... and heightened... little feet stamped and screeching ensued, and so we separated. David walking off with a rather grumpy baby, trying to get her off to sleep, leaving me and my big girl to do some exploring.

And explore we did.

We sought out walking sticks, picked and ate wild blackberries, discovered a den, clambered over tree stumps and sought out a tonne of wildlife.

As we walked, we stumbled across a bench with this quote on it...

When I read it, it made me feel a little sad. At the time, in the world's eyes, Queen Victoria had had it all... as a child, she was wealthy, privileged, educated, powerful, heir to the throne of one of the most powerful countries in the world... and yet clearly her childhood had been unhappy.

I wondered what made her love this particular place... and as I watched my little girl, running around, spotting wildlife, calling me over to show me all her little findings, I realised that what Queen Victoria had so longed for, and so seldom received, was freedom. Freedom to run around as a little girl should, freedom to get muddy and dirty, freedom to enjoy her surroundings, and not be constantly aware of how that appears to others, freedom to be excited and not fear the response of adults around her.

Freedom. It's something we all long for, isn't it? Just like that little girl 150 years ago, we long to not feel the constraints of circumstances, or other people's expectations, or finances.

We long to run free, to be able to savour and enjoy life, to share with loved ones all the wonderful things we find, to be free from all the pain, and hurt and sadness...

I felt so saddened by Robin Williams recent passing. He was my favourite actor, and it was sad to hear that despite all the success and all the praise, and all the world can offer, he never found the freedom he so desired...

And I realised, you can spend your life searching for freedom, and never really find it...

But if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
- John 8:36, The Bible -

So very, very thankful for the Gospel...


  1. How wonderful you Write and I can see how much fun you all had in the big park.

  2. A very deep post. Glad you had a lovely day out too.

  3. That looks such a fun place to visit! Looks like you had a great time. Fab photos!

  4. A wonderful place to spend your birthday! So sad to think of Queen Victoria having an unhappy childhood. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  5. I am not expecting this post to be so heartfelt. In the past weeks (months even) I am so sad. Depress probably but I cant proclaim it as I havent been to the doctors. I long to go back home. Just.. this post just touch me. Thank you. #countrykids

  6. Such a lovely post. Freedom to enjoy a childhood (life), a seemingly simple thing, but for many it's not, is it. Good to take a moment to reflect. It does look like you had a lovely day for your birthday x #CountryKids


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