Thursday, 11 September 2014

Savouring the Season: Starting PreSchool

This season, for us, has been a season of new starts. I think September always is, isn't it?

Not least of all for our Ava...

Yesterday our Ava walked into Nursery class for the first time. She found her name and stuck it on the board. We found a new book for her book bag together. And then she was ready; "I'm going to play with the animals Mama... bye bye!"

I walked back out of that classroom feeling a strange mix of joy that my little girl had gone in so happily... and gulping back the tears. The end of an era.

So here's my little lady - delighted at her Schultuete, excited about her uniform, ready to take that next milestone in growing up.

Link up your Savouring the Season posts below... have you celebrated back-to-school/starting-school yet? Do you have that strange mix of emotions? Is that what this season represents for you?

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  1. Oh bless her! What a wee bird! Really hope that you both adjusted ok to the new routine Claire. I know how difficult it can be! xxx

  2. How sweet she is standing there? Bless her. x x x


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