Monday, 15 September 2014

When Big Sister Comes Home...

We are slowly but surely adjusting to our new ordinary... quiet mornings with just little H and I, and time with our big girl in the afternoon. It has been lovely to do things with Heidi that I just haven't managed to before... but we do miss our Ava.

Heidi perhaps most of all.

When Ava arrives home from Nursery, I nip upstairs to grab some clean clothes for her while she changes out of her uniform, leaving the two girls downstairs on their own. One day I came down to find them snuggled up on the beanbag, as Ava "read" Heidi a story, and on Friday, when Ava asked me if she could watch an episode of "Jonalu" on the iPad, I came down to find them like this...

Just a very ordinary moment I had to capture on camera.

I love watching this little relationship blossom. They may fight like cats and dogs sometimes... they know exactly how to wind each other up... and they aren't always the best at sharing. But moments like these make me so very, very glad that they are such good little friends.

And I hope they always will be.

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  1. It's just lovely to see siblings getting along like best friends, it really is a magic moment. Popping in from Magic Moments.

  2. Aww! How adorable! Such a lovely moment to capture! So sweet x

  3. Oh that's just so sweet! It's lovely that the missing each other goes both ways!

  4. How lovely Claire, there's such a pair of little cuties. I really do hope that their relationship continues to blossom as they get older. My two would never even touch each other these days! x

  5. Oh what an absolutely beautiful photo Claire, definitely one for a frame! And it is so cute to see them missing each other, my girls are the same, although they are both at nursery, they run up to each other when I collect them at the end as they are in different rooms. x

  6. aw gorgeous shot, what a lovely moment to capture! xxx

  7. So sweet! I think the bond between siblings in these early years is something very special indeed. I'm already imagining how my three will probably hate each other in the teenage years, and then be inseparable again in adulthood! Xx #theordinarymoments

  8. Awww, just perfect - such a lovely pic! x


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