Friday, 10 October 2014

Sisters in October...

This past month has been a month of transition for these two little sisters.

Learning to have a little more distance. Learning to spend their mornings apart.

Its been a learning curve for all of us to adjust to Ava being at preschool every morning. But perhaps most of all for Heidi. She adores her big sister. Yes, she knows exactly how to wind her up (try standing in front of the television, or stealing her felt tips, or bear hugging her when she wants to be left alone)... but she adores her. And I notice, more and more, how our little H just wants to be like her big sister, and do everything her big sister does...

And Ava misses her little sister too. Our big girl has such a kind and patient side (which, of course, can be competed with by the stubborn, determined side too...!) which she often saves especially for her little sister. When she comes home from school, it is Heidi, Heidi, Heidi. And I like it that way.

They are sisters... of course they have their moments: they bicker and fight like the best of them. Ava knows how to irritate her little sister, and Heidi can give a good thump (!!) so we deal with all the normal sibling stuff. But I love the little friendship unfolding before my eyes, and the little roles that are coming into play.

The big sister: the leader, the boss, the helpful and protective one...
The little sister: the admirer, the determined, the "I can do it if you can" one; her sister's biggest fan!

Just two little friends.

Sisters in October.

dear beautiful


  1. Ah, a sweet post and lovely photos of the sisters. I love watching the friendship develop, too, a time to treasure x

  2. Love their matching dresses. So cute!

  3. They really are just so sweet together aren't they - and I love the matching dresses! It sounds such a familiar sisterly relationship too - my two have a leader-follower dynamic, or rather more of a 'monkey see, monkey do' where Elma's concerned :)

  4. Lovely Claire, I think the time apart for siblings is good for them. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Yes siblings have their moments annoying each other but yet they also have their wonderful moments playing having fun, caring for each other etc. X

  5. Aww, our posts are definitely coming from a similar place this month aren't they? Its certainly been a time of transition for us too, but their relationship just continues to bloom, which makes me so proud. I love these photos of your girlies, they look so adorable in their matching dresses. x

  6. Ah the one of them on the gate is gorgeous Claire- I love their matching dresses. Such a special relationship to watch grow and blossom isn't it? I love how similar our girls are, I always feel such a connection reading your blog. x

  7. They are adorable! I love their coordinated dresses.


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